Baracuda G3 Review

Baracuda G3 9 Durability 9/10 Noise 10/10 Price 8/10 Pros Simple design Quiet operations No-tool installation Cons hose need a tight fit Check Lowest Price Read Customer Reviews Automated...
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Baracuda G3

Baracuda G3








        • Simple design
        • Quiet operations
        • No-tool installation


        • hose need a tight fit

        Automated pool cleaners are a God-send; they save you money, time and keep your pool sanitary with minimal energy costs. They are a must have for anyone that wants the benefits of having a pool with none of the work excess costs and energy waste. The Zodiacs suction glide system makes it one of the greenest pool cleaners around. Let’s take a look at my Baracuda G3 review.

        Among automated pool cleaners Zodiacs are top competitors, outliving much more complicated pool cleaners by years. Among Zodiacs the G3 tries to strike a balance between the faster and lighter G2 and the slower, heavier and more powerful G4. The thing with lighter models is that they don’t have the sucking power required by the suction pool cleaning mechanic. While heavier units have the power but they are heavier and struggle with pool walls.

        Baracuda G3 Review

        Only one moving part

        The best part of Zodiacs is their simple, sturdy design. The only moving part in the G3 is the patented long-life diaphragm. This means the G3 requires no assembly; you can use it out of the box as it is, no assembly or technical skills required. And the maintenance could not be easier with the patented quick release cassette that gives you easy access to the diaphragm in case you need it.

        More with less

        The G3 is a versatile little thing, because of the smaller weight, the suction required for it to stick to the pool wall is less than in bigger models. This combined with a small compact self-adjusting flow control valve, automatically regulates water control making this usable even with weaker pumps. This is a God send for owners of older pump systems. The light weight and gliding movement also keep the cleaner gliding even over large irregular obstacles that would stump other cleaners.

        A cleaner for any pool

        Besides skimming over large potential obstacles, its smaller size makes it nimble enough to get into the tightest corners of your pool. And so it doesn’t get stuck in those corners it’s also equipped with a deflector wheel and anti-stick design that keep it moving. Meanwhile, the heavy self-regulated suction and small footprint enable it to stick and glide along the most irregular of pool shaped walls. This is a great edge over pool cleaners that use wheels or that have a boxy shape which stops them from getting into tight spaces or when they do get in, they get stuck.

        Quiet operation

        No flapper or hammer noise while cleaning. This puts it in a class above other cleaners and removes any anxiety and discomfort that comes along with the use of most pool cleaners. Cleaning the pool stops being “noisy maintenance.” Now you can clean the pool and have a conversation in the backyard at the same time. Why isn’t this an industry standard already? Too many people had their weekend ruined because a neighbor decided they needed to clean the pool for their afternoon party at 8 a.m on a Saturday.


        • Simple design makes for fewer moving parts that can go wrong and break. This design will outlive its warranty by decades. In fact that simple design makes it a perfect gift for older users because it’s basically plug-and-play.
        • Quiet operations. There’s no hammering. No need to apologize to the neighbors for waking up their small children or ruining their Sunday morning.
        • No-tool installation, operation, and maintenance. This comes hand in hand with the 1-moving part design. And also makes this the perfect cleaner for the no-nonsense consumer that want’s a no-assembly and maintenance-free pool cleaner.


        • When skimming across the pool the hose can unscrew off, leaving your cleaner dead in the water, so make sure the hose has a tight fit before starting it up. And check up every few hours on it.
        • If the cleaner gets above water and sucks up air, some pool pumps will automatically shut off. I personally did not see this happen, but it’s something you should definitely check out before buying.

        Would I recommend it?

        If you want a no-nonsense pool cleaner that requires 0 technical abilities to set up and maintain then, the G3 is the pool cleaner for you. If you want to have a nice compromise between speed and suction the G3 fits snugly in the Zodiac line-up and would make a great choice. I’m personally not someone that shies away from getting their hands dirty, but I do know several people that are, so even if you don’t think much of the simple pre-assembled design, this may be the ideal gift for those that enjoy that plug in and forget product design.


        37 year old entrepreneur and writer. I recently sold my 15 years old cleaning company and I now focus on my second passion; Writing.

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