Best Automatic Pool Cleaner for the Money 2017

Cleaning your pool using the manual way is time-consuming and includes you hiring someone to do it for you. It is not always effective unless given the most maximum...
best automatic pool cleaner

Cleaning your pool using the manual way is time-consuming and includes you hiring someone to do it for you. It is not always effective unless given the most maximum time in the world with many hurdles to cope to make sure the pool is clear as intended. If you are tired and want a final solution to your nightmare, buying the best automatic pool cleaner might just do the trick. These cleaners are so good at what they do such that you can leave them behind to do the cleaning as you attend to other important issues or play Pokémon Go in the backyard. Their primary purpose is to take out all the fragments and residue in your swimming pool with minimal involvement from you. You also get the advantage of saving money intended to hire a professional pool cleaner especially when it’s summer.

What you need to consider before buying an automatic pool cleaner

There are important considerations that will distinguish you from blindly buying the unwanted product. Let me break them down for you:

  • What is the size of your pool? It is one of the important measures that you have to take before buying the best automatic pool cleaner. If you have a small pool, you may be excused to going for the manual options due to the cost constraint, but for the larger ones, the automatic option beats manual cleaning choice. That goes to the commercial swimming pool owners.
  • The level of debris: What gets into your pool as dirt is another consideration. Some of the customers will favor those that attend to twigs and leaves while others need those that deal with the finer partials of dirt.
  • Power supply: some pool cleaners will need more electricity which is a budgetary factor to put into consideration too. There are others that operate on battery if you don’t want too much power consumption. Overall cost is what matters here.
  • Maintaining the automatic cleaner: After cleaning is done, and there are more times that the automatic cleaner has been applied, then it will need to be checked. Consider an option that you can keep up with and the level of time and energy used reflects the investment.

Best Automatic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner

This robotic cleaner scrubs your floor, vacuums it and filters too in a record of 3 hours maximum. Before I lay down what it can do for you, let me lay down the features:

  • It’s capable of cleaning the floor, cove, and walls
  • Suitable for in-ground pools, 50 ft. maximum depth
  • Lightweight and user-friendly
  • Comes with a swivel cable – 60 ft.

For an in-ground pool of 20’ by 40’, it will do the cleaning in 2 hours’ time. During the whole time, the swivel cable is intact, and it doesn’t tangle. Cleaning the pool will cost you 15 cents or less. There are no pre-installation details or connections to your pool system. Start it and everything will be handled. Something, though, you have to be there when the cleaning is being done.

Baracuda G3 W03000

Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

Baracuda G3 W03000

The Baracuda automatic pool cleaner is another one of its kind that still suits in-ground pools. It is a cheap automatic pool cleaner that has the following features:

  • Cleans the floor and walls too.
  • Comes already assembled with all the inclusions
  • A replaceable Scrub Disc
  • Pool tested
  • Wheel defector to clean ladders and corners

It thoroughly cleans the swimming pools including walls. It is capable of removing dirt, debris, twigs, leaves and pebbles too! The device has a self-adjusting control meant to regulate water flow to make sure the pool gets clean even when horsepower is low. It comes ready so starting it will be the first step in your procedure. The G3 cleaner comes with a 36 ft. Hose and a scrub disc that can be can have an additional pool vacuum for more performance. It has been tested against the toughest pools including vinyl and fiberglass pool surfaces. The wheel defector helps the G3 to go around steps, corners, and ladders in more complex pools.

BARACUDA G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

Another one from Baracuda similar to the previous one but the features will show a slight difference.

  • Suction cleaner that works on low speed and force
  • Suitable for small to medium sized debris
  • Flow keeper valve for water flow regulation
  • Wheel defector
  • Scuff resistant hoses
  • 36-Fin disc that attends to the pool surface

The Baracuda G3 is powerful even when under low power supply to clean efficiently. Any small or medium-sized debris will not be left in the pool, and it will go to the wall, steps, and the corners too. Thorough cleaning is enabled through connection to any pump disregarding the speed, and the FlowKeeper regulates water flow for peak performance to be achieved in the end. Navigation inside the pool is enabled by the wheel deflector, and the fin disc is designed to increase adhesion to the pool surface as cleaning progress. Instructions include Attaching the disc, wheel deflector, and hose, and connecting to the skimmer or dedicated suction line. That’s all.

Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000013

Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000013 The PoolCleaner

Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000013

This automatic suction pool cleaner works well on concrete pools and comes with the following specs:

  • 2-wheel drive clean pools
  • Self-adjusting turbine vanes provide reliable power
  • Patented tire treads
  • An adjustable roller skirt
  • Pre-programmed internal steering sequence

Hayward’s pool cleaning device is available in 2 or 4-wheel drive to suit different pool sizes. With it are patented features which include a self-adjustable turbine vanes that ensure maximum power despite the flow and debris is effectively managed. Wall climbing is enabled by working together on the adjustable skirt and tire treads not forgetting the pre-programmed steering. The important parts and features also help the pool cleaner to manage obstacles and cover the whole pool no matter the size.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360

The Polaris is an automatic pool cleaner that that is advanced to work alone without a separate booster pump. The features include:

  • Triple jets powered equipment
  • Suitable for in-ground pools
  • Works on the floor and wall
  • Has a pool circulation pump
  • 31 ft. feeding hose and single chamber filter for large debris.

The Vac-sweep 360 pressure side pool cleaner features all-wheel drive and the innovative cleaning technology is powered by triple jets. The cleaning device easily connects to a dedicated pressure line and it does everything required for the pool to get clean. Since you don’t need a booster pump, the situation is handled by the pool circulation pump. In the package are a 31 feet hose and a single chamber filter that collects all the dirt in a cleaning exercise and prolongs the filtration system.

Polaris F9450 Sports Robotic In-Ground Swimming Pool Cleaner

Polaris F9450 Sport Robotic In-Ground Swimming Pool Cleaner

Polaris F9450

The last one of the top recommended products for a swimming pool automatic cleaner that features the following specs:

  • Vortex vacuum technology
  • Large filter canister – 4 times capacity
  • 4WD cleaning technology for the floor and walls
  • 7-day programmable device

The 9450 Sports pool cleaner is in a class of its own that has Vortex technology incorporated for maximum cleaning power and no loss of suction. It tackles the terrain in your pool without getting stuck, and it works on any surface type. The all-purpose filter canister has four times more capacity than other similar cleaners which means less filter cleaning and lower operational costs. Since the canister is easily accessible, the debris can be emptied by just shaking and spraying. You can program the cycles for the pool cleaner to work for up to 7 days.

My Top Recommendation

With all the top considerations, the Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner is the most recommended of them all. Here is the reason. First, it is a standard automatic pool cleaner that allows you to clean without much effort applied and the result is seen in an hour or two. It favors most pool owners since you save on hiring a professional cleaner and ideal for a range of pool sizes. For in-ground owners, the depth allowed for this device is up to 50 ft. which makes it suitable for small, medium and large pools. Little maintenance is required, and it comes with a 24 months warranty.

Why do you need this guide?

Pool cleaning is a tedious task, and any pool owner will tell you that it is one of the maintenance measures that can dearly cost you of not handled with the intended professionalism. I recommend this information to anyone who is a pool owner or specializes in the swimming pool cleaning business. If you want to maximize the profits and strain less while cleaning your pool after use, an automatic pool cleaner is a problem solver to how you will eventually look at cleaning after owning it.

Tips to help you choose the best automatic pool cleaners for your needs

There are several points to take depending on your restrictions to buy and with this, I am going to give you the necessary tips that will suit your guideline when choosing an automatic cleaner. There are cheap automatic pool cleaners that will offer an excellent cleaning exercise every time it is put into practice, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t go for more. I will categorize the necessaries depending on the type of pool you might have.

Above-the-ground pools

There are available choices if your pool falls under this category and they include suction cleaners, robotic cleaners, and pressure cleaners.

Suction type

When attaching the skimmer to the suction cleaners, just plug in the hose to the skimmer and the cleaner will vacuum the floor and debris collected in a basket. Smaller baskets may call for an in-line strainer to be installed between the hose and the skimmer to solve the problem of quickly filling up and often emptying. If you above ground pool is quite large, this is a choice to go for since they are affordable and on sale.

Robotic cleaners

It is another option you will have for the above ground type and widely associated with the best automatic pool cleaner. They were initially meant for in-ground only, but the manufacturers finally answered to the demand call. Advantages of this choice over the suction include:

  • They are self-contained and have an onboard debris bag.
  • Independent of the pump and the filter system too.
  • Vacuums and filters at the same time.
  • Smaller Intex pools are also considered under this option.
Pressure cleaners

Another option for above ground. They operate on the pressure of the water returning to the pool. You don’t need an additional booster pump that might be considered by the in-ground counterparts. The operation is motivated by the pool’s filter pump pressure. For above-the-ground pools, pressure automatic pool cleaners will skim for you while under operation plus catch the debris in their bag.

In-ground automatic pool cleaners

A dedicated cleaner line

Do you have a plumbing line at any midpoint of the long walls? A cleaner can be connected here and can be either a suction line or a pressure one. Some pools are constructed with such a line if you consider buying an automatic cleaner later in time. If the cleaner line is on the return side, i.e. after the filter, consider having a booster pump and a time clock. This results to an automatic cleaner that will turn itself off and on and save you the effort of remembering.
If there is no such a cleaner line, don’t get worried. Connect a suction side cleaner into the wall skimmer. The cleaners come with a device that enables you to maintain a little skimming action. If you have two skimmers and a large pump, you may be able to skim as you clean.

Benefits of buying the best automatic pool cleaner

Kicking out your pool cleaner and letting the auto pool cleaner manage the pool cleaning docket are not the only advantages that you will have by going to enjoy. Let me take you through some of the benefits associated with the best automatic pool cleaners.

‹ They thoroughly scrub the surface

A good automatic cleaner will get down to the floor and remove every dirt details to bring forth to a cleaner and a more hygienic finishing. Installation is easy, and there are more complex models that can chemically treat the pool. A variety of sizes and models are available to suit different requirements of any pool.

‹ High energy savers

These devices are self-programmable and in them are microprocessors that enable the pool cleaners to navigate in the pool. Your pool will stay clean until someone decides to take an impressive ride in the water. Time and effort are significantly minimized since you will not be dragging cleaning elements.

‹ Efficient in sanitizing your pool

Manual cleaning costs you an average of about three hours, not counting any extreme cases like someone who once reported about a dead goat in the pool, though the automatic option will need assistance to that. The same pool will take 45 minutes for the automatic cleaner which is pretty fast. This gives you a clean pool and less time taken to prepare for a spur-of-the-moment party.

‹ Very effective

The best automatic pool cleaner will pick every piece related to dirt in your pool, be it twigs, leaves or growing algae among other numerous particles. They will clean the debris regardless of the amount or size of the particles. They will also act on the crevice on the steps, walls or the floor of the pool. This, in turn, prevents accumulation of dirt which can cost the pool’s integrity.

‹ More features for you

If you are backing and you don’t feel like leaving the morning sun rays, you can have an automatic pool cleaner that is remote controlled to ensure the cleaning process goes a planned as your lie on the sun lounger. That’s cool!


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