Buyer’s Guide: Finding the Best Vacuum Cleaners

Besides having a clean home for those that suffer from allergies, you may be wondering what exactly are the benefits of buying the best vacuum cleaner on the market?...
Best Vacuum Cleaners

Besides having a clean home for those that suffer from allergies, you may be wondering what exactly are the benefits of buying the best vacuum cleaner on the market? You may also be wondering what more there is since “all they do is clean”. The benefits of owning a vacuum cleaner include the following:

  • You’re able to keep your home clean even when you’re away (depending on the model, of course)
  • Vacuum cleaners are generally all-around inexpensive unless you want something that’s as cool as DJ Roomba from Parks and Recreation
  • Some come with advanced features to make your home even cleaner
  • Most models are capable of removing pet hair, for those that hate shedding on the carpet
  • Vacuum cleaners are capable of removing allergens from the air in your home. For those that suffer, this is an imperative advantage
  • Bagless models offer less loss of suction
  • They are more “greener” in comparison to bagged models
  • Bagless models are easy to empty
  • You won’t have to purchase bags for bagless models, saving you money
  • There are HEPA vacuum cleaners, available from many of the top brands, which have HEPA filtration – a type of filtration that removes up to 99.97% of the allergens within the air that are as small as 0.3 microns a piece. While not a brand, those that suffer from allergies may want to invest in HEPA filtration products within their machine. Many of the top brands utilize this filtration method like Miele, Sebo, Vapamore, and more.

While these are just some of the advantages that you’ll find when investing in the best vacuum cleaner possible, they surely don’t provide ALL of the benefits that are present within vacuum cleaners.

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying The Best Vacuum Cleaner

We can’t tell you enough how many factors there are to consider when you’re shopping for a vacuum cleaner. Since there are so many designs and shapes that are better for various floor types, it can be overwhelming trying to find the best vacuum cleaners for your lifestyle. Maybe some of our factors to check out below can help you!

Are you a pet owner? You may be nodding, “yes” in the utmost excitement, as we have something for you! Pet owners that want a vacuum that can pick up pet hair in carpets should look towards an upright machine or a canister vacuum, as they excel in deep cleaning and being able to pick up something as light as pet hair. If your pet sheds in a manner that’s more clumpy, you may be able to get it well with other types of light-powered vacuums, but those that have strands of pet hair everywhere will want to invest in one of the vacuums we mentioned, for a deep and thorough vacuuming.

You’ll also want to check various features, as different vacuum cleaners come with motorized brushes that are better for carpets, versus ones that are suctioned. Suctioned versus motorized brushes will be better on carpets as they can pick up all that hair and dirt that sits between the texture of the carpet. There are models that may cost a little more, but if you find one where you can deactivate the brush to protect your hardwood floors will be essential. Deactivating said brush is also fantastic for those that want to avoid scattering any type of debris, but like the deep vacuuming that they receive from it. There are also models with pile-height adjustment control, and even something called “suction control” for those that have to vacuum delicate fabrics and those that like to vacuum their draperies.

Of course, you shouldn’t pick out a vacuum cleaner if you’re unsure of the factors of bagged or bagless. Those that have asthma or serious allergies will not want one that’s simply a dust bin without a bag, as you may suffer from the debris that gets into the air. There are some vacuum models that come with HEPA filters or specific bags that you just throw out. If you suffer from the aforementioned, this may be something you want to look into; however, those that don’t have any of what we mentioned may want to look into bagless vacuum cleaners, as they save you a lot of money over time. While it may not seem like a large cost initially, in the long run, you’ll see that the cost of bags adds up!

If you want a vacuum that’s quiet, you’ll want to look into canister styles. If you’re someone that cleans and vacuums bathrooms often, you may find that there is a ton more echo in these areas, and you’ll want to combat this by purchasing a quiet vacuum cleaner. Ones that are upright may be one that’s too loud for those echo-y areas. We also recommend the robot vacuum cleaners for these areas as well, as they are generally extremely quiet.

The Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

There are a plethora of types of vacuum cleaners, and just because one looks good, you might not have any use for it. Some types are good for what you may need, but there are definitely types that don’t have any real positive effect on what you require it for. Whether you’re purchasing for your business, or for your home, you’ll want to invest in the best type of vacuum cleaner possible.

Upright vacuum cleaners: We’ve all seen this type of vacuum cleaner before. While they tend to cost much less than those that are canister or stick, you’ll find that they are better for those people who want a true deep cleaning within their carpets – especially those that are bagged. Compared to others, these are the easiest to store, as they lay flat on the ground; however, there are definitely some cons to this vacuum as well. Generally, this model of vacuum cleaner is heavier than others, although there have been models made that are much lighter than other type of upright machines. There are some that weigh more than 20 pounds. Unfortunately, and if you have stairs to climb, this may not be the model for you.

Canister vacuum cleaners: Next is the canister vacuum cleaner. While you may have seen this type of vacuum cleaner before, you may not have used one. They’re generally better than the aforementioned upright models, as they can be used for cleaning non-carpeted areas, drapes, stairs, and they’re able to get under low furniture – you don’t have to lift anything up! Since they are so new, and petite in size in comparison to upright, they are generally quieter. They also come equipped with a separate powerhead, which is typically lighter since they weight is dispersed better. Of course, there are cons to every type depending on what you need them for, and since they are bulkier and in two pieces, they may be harder to store for those that have small and narrow closets.

Stick vacuum cleaners: We’ve all seen these types of vacuums before – they are like the upright style of cleaners, as they have taller bodies, but many of these are battery powered and not one you plug into a wall. They’re conveniently lightweight and are great for those that need to quickly pick up a mess that occurred no whatever floor type they have. You also will never have to bend over to use this machine. It’s important to note that they aren’t that great on carpet in comparison to the traditional upright. They are great for picking up litter, hair, and other items off of hardwoods or shallow and non-puffy carpet. They aren’t typically a fantastic replacement for your traditional vacuums, so if you need something for your business, you may want something else.

Cordless vacuum cleaners: We’ll discuss the cordless vacuum cleaner quickly. They are meant for hand usage and don’t require any plugs or cords – which is fantastic. If you want something for your car or need to bring one with you for small jobs, you’ll want to use this; however, those that need a vacuum for their floors may want to invest in one where you don’t have to bend down. Whether you’ve dropped something on a counter and spilled it, or have bare floors that need a quick run over, these types of vacuum cleaners are great. It’s worth mentioning that they don’t have the same level of power that a full vacuum cleaner does, though.

Robotic vacuum cleaners: welcome to the future, where a robot can clean up after you! Generally higher in price, and not equipped for super deep cleaning of carpets, the robotic level of vacuums is great for those that just need casual vacuuming over hardwood floors or a flat carpet. You can relax when you get home from work and turn on your robotic vacuum cleaner to pick up on the dust and dirt that may have gotten there from walking in. While there are cheap models in comparison to expensive models, they tend to be more money than any of the hand-held vacuums, and their price may reflect their intelligence. Ones that cost more will know their way around a corner versus a cheap one that may keep bumping into things.

Central vacuum cleaners: Like a canister, but easier to use, the central vacuum cleaners are ones that have no body to pull with you everywhere, and they are much quiet. While they have a dirt chamber for dumping, you don’t need to do this often, thankfully – unless you’re someone that cleans hoarder homes. While they can be pricey, it’s worth it for those that are in the business. They may require professional assembly, as well. Since their hoses are generally very long, it may be hard to store these as well, but it sure gets the job done!

The Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners for Different Usage

As you can see, there are different types of vacuum cleaners, and you may be wondering what is best for what usage.

  • Roomba vacuum cleaners are best for wooden floors and basic messes
  • Uprights are better for deep cleaning purposes and offer a wider swath
  • Handheld vacuums are better for small table messes, couches and vacuuming your car
  • Canisters are great for vacuuming and cleaning drapes, tile floors, stairs, carpets and some types of furniture
  • Stick models are great for those that can’t bend well and want something lightweight

While these aren’t the only great uses, these are the basics for each type.

The Different Brands of Vacuum Cleaners

There are quite a few different brands competing head to head (or vacuum to vacuum) in order to bring you the most suction for the best price.

Some of these brands include:

  • Dyson – A higher end brand of vacuum cleaners, they’re one of the brands that have allowed vacuum manufacturers to raise their price since they’re such a high-end brand. Their products are available through most major department stores and mass merchants and have a number of styles = not limited to any specific vacuum type. Their products are more expensive than others.
  • Hoover – As one of the first vacuum brands, introduced in 1907, this brand has been a household name ever since. This brand sells within mass merchant places, and their models are more affordable, even at their highest. They are well known to make some of the best vacuums for hardwood floors on the planet.
  • Bissell – a creator of standard upright models, Bissell doesn’t only create upright, as they also make stick, canister, steam mops, deep carpet cleaners, hand vacuums, and even robotic vacuums like Roomba sells. They also have the best vacuums for tile floors, hands down.
  • Dirt Devil – One of the more affordable brands on the market for households, Dirt Devil has vacuums for as little as $40, with their line of upright models being some of the lightest on the entire market. They make upright models, hand and stick vacuums.
  • Kenmore – You may have heard of Kenmore refrigerators, but what about vacuums? Being in business since 1927, they have quite the reputation with their consumers. Their uprights are sold exclusively in Sears stores, and their price range is between $150 and $500. Did you know that their line of canister vacuums are the best-selling ever? This brand knows how to market themselves.
  • Roomba – Being one of the newer brands on the market in the new age, iRobot is the creator of Roomba, which became a “thing” from a graduate of MIT in 1990. While more expensive, they utilize 21st century robotics with basic tasks.
  • Samsung – Samsung dabbles in everything from cameras to refrigerators to vacuums and televisions. Being one of the most well-known brands in any electronics type, their robotic vacuum cleaners are much cheaper than Roombas, but are as they as good? They sell upright, and canister vacuums, as well.
  • Shark – You know of the shark brand from those late night infomercials you saw while eating ice cream at 3:00am. Shark is actually one of the top-selling brands on the market, with upright vacuum cleaners being a primary focus. While they do have hand vacuums, stick vacuums, and steam mops, their focus is on upright – which are priced between $150 and $300. It’s also worth mentioning that Shark makes the best vacuums for pet hair on the market
  • Miele – A German manufacturer that is still run by the family, they have been in business since the 1902’s. While Miele isn’t in the large department stores entirely, they are mostly scattered throughout small and independent retailers and even Amazon. They dabble in the high-end upright vacuum cleaner business and are also in the canister vacuum cleaner niche. You may see their models range from $300 to $1,000.
  • Eureka – Last on our list is Eureka, another top brand that you may have seen commercials for. With models as little as $50, and ones as much as $200 (not much in comparison to others), they are a household friendly brand that sells a plethora of vacuum styles, including hand, stick, and canisters but they’re known to be the ones that make the best car vacuum cleaners.

What Kind of Vacuum You Can Expect Within Your Budget

Now, you may want to know what brands and styles of vacuums may be within your price range. Those that want upright models at an okay price will want to look towards Bissell, as they are a leading brand and have upright models for as little as $60 – however, they go up in price per feature and can cost upwards of $250 for an upright.

Since Dyson is a major manufacturer of vacuums on the market, their price range may be out of your budget. Ranging from as “little” as $300 to upwards of $600, those that have a business or are needing something AMAZING should look towards this brand.

If you want one of those robotic Roomba machines, you’ll be paying a pretty penny, as they can be $200 for the base model alone – depending on the kind you want and what you need for your home. However, if you’re not home a lot and want to come home to a pretty clean home, you may want to invest in a Roomba to take care of things when you’re not around.


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