Dyson V6 Absolute Review

Vacuuming has never been easier than it is now after my Dyson V6 Absolute review. Lightweight vacuum cleaners like the V6 Absolute are making cleaning a reflex rather than...

Vacuuming has never been easier than it is now after my Dyson V6 Absolute review. Lightweight vacuum cleaners like the V6 Absolute are making cleaning a reflex rather than a once in a week chore. No more heavy motors, cords or messy cleanup and maintenance. Whether it’s spilled ground coffee in the morning or pet hair off the couch in the evening, lightweight cordless vacuum cleaners make clean-up as easy as drag-and-drop, or as Dyson would call it, lift-and-clean.

Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Review

5.1 lbs

The light weight is the main feature of easy to clean vacuum cleaners. It makes it easy to store, use and put away, making the whole process an easy solution to any emergency clean-up task. Regardless of the size of the mess or its location, the V6 Absolute does not require you to do your weekly workout when you carry the vacuum cleaner up the stairs. Everything is as easy as lifting the vacuum cleaner with one hand from its wall-mounted charger and cleaning up the mess. No fuss or assembly required.

Cordless Use

Besides the lightweight, it is also cordless. So you are not limited to vacuuming in proximity to a wall outlet or look for an extension cord. This is probably the easiest to use, full-size vacuum cleaners around. Because despite having the usability of a small handheld, this has the suction power of a full-size vacuum.

Proprietary motor

Dyson has made a name for themselves with their in-house built motors. They are as powerful as conventional motors but very light weight. That light frame and power combo make the Dyson an ease to use despite its high center of gravity. This also makes it ideal for wall and ceiling cleaning.

20-minute battery

When I first saw this, I was worried, to be honest, but it’s the wrong way to think about it. I was used to thinking of vacuuming as a weekly chore, something you mentally prepare for on Saturday mornings when you clean your whole house in one go. Well, that’s not you do things and think about things, it’s the 60s housewife way of doing it. If you look at it from a 21st-century perspective, cleaning does not need to be a weekly event when the vacuum cleaner is a handy maneuverable little thing you just reach out for, lift it off its wall-mount and use it to clean the mess immediately. Most clean-ups can be done within 3 minutes, so in that sense, the 20-minute battery is not a limitation but a humblebrag on the part of Dyson.

HEPA filtration – that works.

Not all HEPA filters are made equal. But in this case, Dyson got it right. They use a post motor filter that keeps all the dust and nastiness inside the vacuum, making the air it blows out cleaner than what it takes in.


It’s a perfectly balanced cleaning tool that weighs next to nothing. I’m actually considering giving one as a present for my parents. My mom would normally not give up her 8-year-old dustbag, that pumps more dust out than it takes in. But she has developed arthritis and cleaning has become a painful chore for her. The weight of the Dyson may be a very persuasive factor.

Easy to clean filters and dust chamber is a great pro, for the neat freak that doesn’t want to get their hands dirty when emptying the vacuum or cleaning it.

The wall mount charging station is a unique little feature. Having a dedicated wall mount and charger means the vacuum will always be topped off power wise and ready to use.


It’s not for traditional spring cleaning, 40-minute wall to wall, floor after floor duplex cleaning marathons. This is a clean-as-you-mess-up kind of device. Which can be frustrating if you are 20 minutes into your music infused Saturday clean-up frenzy, and you need to take a break. But to be fair, vacuuming periodically in small chunks makes more sense, it’s like washing the dishes after you finished eating. Leaving everything to clean up later is just nasty.

Another con could be considered the wall mounted storage. The vacuum cleaner looks good, I like it. It gives a touch of the 21st century to a room. But some people might not like decorating their living room with a vacuum cleaner. Lucky for those people that it has a small form factor and it can easily fit behind a door or in a closet.

Would I recommend the V6 Absolute Cordless Vacuum?

Definitely, It looks good on the wall, it’s very convenient if you are a neat freak but also work a full-time job like being a mother and you simply don’t have the energy for the logistical effort a full-size vacuum cleaner requires.


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