5 of the Best Party Tricks for Removing Red Wine Spills on Clothes

If you’re anything like me, wearing white or any other light colored clothing is a bad omen. It always seems to be the nights when spaghetti bolognese and red...
How to get wine out of clothes

If you’re anything like me, wearing white or any other light colored clothing is a bad omen. It always seems to be the nights when spaghetti bolognese and red wine are on the menu. I should really know better by now, but old habits die hard. This is why it’s imperative that I am prepared with an arsenal of “how to’s” on getting red wine and other saucy stains out of my clothing. I must confess, these tricks have saved me more than once.

How to get wine out of clothes

First of all, you need to get on that spill as soon as it happens! Yes, even if you’re hosting a dinner party and don’t want to miss a moment of the juicy table talk. If you leave that stain to settle in, it’s not going to be so easy to get at later… especially after a couple more glasses of wine. So, trust me you’ll want to get on it ASAP!

Salt & Club Soda

More than likely, if you’re at home or out at a dinner party there’s bound to be some salt and possibly club soda around. If so, grab some paper towel or napkins and make sure to blot out any excess liquid from the material. Do not, I repeat, do not rub the stain! This will only make matters worse and will further spread the stain into the fabric. Next, you will want to generously sprinkle salt onto the stained area of clothing. Why the salt, you ask? The salt acts as the absorbing agent sucking up as much of the red wine as possible while the club soda will act as the lifting agent in the concoction. You will want to leave this mixture to do its job for at least a couple of hours if you can, but overnight is always best for yielding top notch results.

Kitty Litter

Yes, you read that right! Dr. Elsey’s Kitty litter works phenomenally at absorbing liquids and can be used to lift out stains from freshly spilled substances, like wine. However, time is of the essence when using kitty litter and you will need to act fast with this one. Usually, you can nab that stain if it’s within minutes of a spill. Once you’re happy with the unheard of absorbing power of cat litter on your favorite tee, vacuum or sweep away the litter and either treat with one of the methods above or throw straight into the wash. You might start to think that your crazy cat friend has the right idea after all with all those cats. They just saved your favorite outfit.

Dish Soap, Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda

Another DIY alternative to removing red wine stains and virtually any other stain from clothing is a combination of liquid dish soap, Clorox’s hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Dawn dish soap is the favorite for many and does seem to do a pretty stand up job compared to other dish soaps. And did you know that you can use super washing baking soda in your regular laundry cycle for a bonus clean factor? It’s true! Add a ½ cup of super washing soda to your cycle along with your usual powdered or liquid detergent to improve cleaning power. 

For the stain removal mixture, you’ll want to combine:

  • 2-3 drops of liquid dish soap
  • 2-3 teaspoons baking soda
  • 3/4 cup hydrogen peroxide

Note: While this solution is generally safe on all fabric types, hydrogen peroxide is technically a bleaching agent, so you may still want to test it out on a small inconspicuous area of the clothing first before fully committing to the stain.

Stir the mixture together. Once combined, take a clean cloth and soak with the solution. Dab the stained area of clothing and really work the solution into the fabric. You may have to repeat several times, making sure to use a clean section of the cloth to go back at the stain with. This concoction is one of my favorites because not only is it effective when it comes to lifting pesky stains, but it will also leave your clothes smelling like a dream afterwards. This solution also works really well on other not so glamorous stains, like those gross yellowy discolored armpit stains. You know the ones! Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us.

Boiling Water

In the odd circumstance where you don’t happen to have any of these ingredients lying around, have no fear! Using boiling water to blot out stains actually works too. Simply bring a pot of water to a gentle boil and dip a cloth or sponge into the water. Be extremely careful not to burn yourself when doing so. Blot out the stain and repeat as necessary.


So, what if you got a little too carried away at the party and you failed to realize that you spilled wine down yourself hours ago? There’s a solution for stains that have been left a little too long: more alcohol! If you want to learn a cool party trick, you’ll want to tune in for this one.

Grab a bottle of vodka or any other clear alcohol for that matter and pour onto the stain. This generally works best when you remove the article of clothing first, so make sure you do that for best results. Blot the vodka with a clean cloth and repeat as necessary. I know it may seem like a waste of alcohol, but you already went there when you spilled it on yourself…You know I’m right.

Of course, it goes without saying, after you’ve used one of these fantastic methods to lift that miserable stain from your clothing you’re going to want to throw the garment in the wash when you’re able to. Whatever is left of the stain will be easily lifted with a normal wash.

Cheers, and enjoy your wine without fear my friends!

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