Shark Rocket Powerhead AH452 Review

Shark Rocket Powerhead AH452 8.4 Durability 8/10 Noise 7/10 Suction 9/10 Price 9/10 Pros brushes are easy to change excellent suction affordable Cons doesn't clean stairs well concentrated weight...
Shark Rocket Powerhead AH452 Review

Shark Rocket Powerhead AH452

Shark Rocket Powerhead AH452










          • brushes are easy to change
          • excellent suction
          • affordable


          • doesn't clean stairs well
          • concentrated weight at the front make it harder to lift

          Among other cleaning options that we have to attend to our floors, vacuum cleaners have come to save the hardships involved. With many options to fall for, Shark Rocket PowerHead has made it to the top level and recommendable to many cleaners and those who don’t want to waste time on cleaning the whole day or something close to that.

          Shark Rocket Powerhead AH452 Review

          Features and specifications

          Being one of the best vacuums you will have in your dirt removal arsenal, it comes with outstanding features that take cleaning your carpet or the floor to the next level. Here are some of the important features that I want to take you through.

          Product weight and dimensions

          The PowerHead vacuum is light enough to move around as you do the cleaning, so there is no getting tired due to the added weight. Measuring at 9 pounds, that’s too light for a vacuum cleaner and its base dimensions are 12.2 by 12.3 inches and 45.1 inches tall. This not only convenient for you to clean but also easy to store after you are done. It has a 10.6-inch cleaning path that is agreeably wide to pick every dirt particle on its way and narrow enough to fit in the smallest spaces.

          Shark’s Suction Power

          The manufacturer, SharkNinja, uses ‘Never Lose Suction’ that sets the AH452 model apart from other conventional vacuum cleaners. The equipment uses single-cyclone power get dirt from the air so that the filters don’t get clogged up and stuck. This is an advantage to the cleaner facing dirt on the floor from time to time. The suction power does not lose strength due to continued use, and you will do the cleaning in the stipulated time if not shorter than what you had planned. There are setting controls at the top holding part which help you take your decision to the executable level depending on how fast you want the cleaner to perform – LO or HI. LO can be used when attending to rugs and hard floors especially the wooden ones while HI is suitable when cleaning carpets and it is a good move when you need to deep clean your carpet.

          How much dust can it hold?

          It’s the question that bothered me before I decided to give it a shot on my carpeted floor and the tiles in my bathroom area. Luckily, it’s included here as a specification to consider when going for Shark Rocket. The vacuum cleaner is compact but the dirt it can hold in the canister will surprise you. The 0.2-gallon dustbin is simple to take it off and empty when need be. There is a ‘MAX Fill’ line that notifies you that you need to empty when dirt reaches the marked part. Just use your foot to press down the dust cup and release the foot pedal located over the left wheel of the vacuum. You’ll see the cup popping up instantly. Lift the cup up, go to the garbage can and press the ‘empty’ button to let the dirt off the bin. Putting it back is not a hassle; just place the container on its platform, make sure it’s laid down on the nozzle, press the bin at its center until you hear a click sound. Done!

          Something more on the features

          I am not yet done if I leave the specialties that come with the vacuum cleaner.

          Height: Can be adjusted with the help of the telescopic handle.

          LED lights incorporated

          Brushroll handling: The brushroll can be quickly accessed when you require changing. This is done at the vacuum’s head top, and there are no screw works here – the ‘pull’ tab does the job for you when pulled. Cutting away hair and string from the brushrolls is easy, thanks to the grooves in the brushes that will help you save time. Rinsing and air drying the All-Surface and Gentle-Touch brushes is also possible. Something to note, before commanding the pull tab, align the brushroll into the garage and click to ensure locking.

          Suction release button: You can use this button to decrease the suction when working on the rugs.

          Indicator light: You’ll find it at the wand’s base, and it aids you to know when the PowerHead needs attention. Solid green light means you are ready to go. Solid red implies that you need to turn off the vacuum and clean out any jamming objects. A blinking red light shows that the device is overheated and it’s advisable to turn it off, let it cool for about 45 minutes, clean the filters and check for any jams before going back to the cleaning exercise. If you don’t want to turn it off, don’t worry, the automatic shut-off thermostat will do it for you.

          Warranty information

          There is a user manual on the manufacturer’s website that guides you through the warranty and returns policy in case of vacuum failure. The Rocket PowerHead has a five-year limited warranty, and you can return the product if any defect occurs during within the warranty period. The only cost incurred during such a situation is the shipping cost.

          The pros

          • The brushes are easy to change when switching between carpet and floor.
          • Different options for the brushes means that the cleaner has an advantage of picking the right choice depending on the circumstance.
          • The speed has been credited by many customers especially on Amazon since the machine effectively combines suction and quick workout to give a desirable clean carpet and above the floor within a short time.

          Any flaws?

          • Sometimes it’s hard to remove cobwebs on the ceilings since the Rocket PowerHead owners cannot extend by removing parts, but the rod is extendable. So, this should help regarding heights.
          • You cannot clean well on the stairs using this vacuum cleaner. To counter this, adjust the positioning of the cleaner to work on a wide area by wiping side to side, instead of the back and front moves.
          • If you are new to this type of cleaner, you might notice that reversing makes it lift up due to the concentrated weight at the front of the head. This will be a minor problem or excuse not use if you get used to it, plus the manual helps.

          Anything else for the product

          Besides warranty information, you also get a user manual for the vacuum that has guidelines to help you during initial installation, testing, and first use. The option of changing the brushes gives you the advantage of having the two brushes accompanying the product.

          Why should you have Shark Rocket PowerHead Vacuum cleaner?

          If you have a tiled or carpeted floor, then you need a cleaning device that will help you remove the mess when it becomes too much. Those of us who have pets in the house know the wrath of hair all over the floor, and it has to be cleaned up too. The PowerHead vacuum cleaner combines power, speed, and light weight to help you cleaning loads of dirt on the floor within the shortest time possible. It is also an ideal problem solver if you need to clean often and it will work as expected every time it’s powered on given maximum time to cool off after using it. The warranty is long enough to take care of the problems that you may encounter in the course of the 5-year period.


          37 year old entrepreneur and writer. I recently sold my 15 years old cleaning company and I now focus on my second passion; Writing.

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