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We restore the shine of your floors while improving the indoor air quality of your place.

First impressions are important. When guests or clients walk into your location, one of the first things they notice is your clean appearance and the condition of your flooring. Maintaining clean, shiny floors not only makes your facility aesthetically pleasing, it ultimately extends the life of your floors, reducing your overall replacement and maintenance costs.

The trained professionals at National Janitorial Solutions have the expertise to handle cleaning any type of hard flooring, including vinyl composition tile, hardwood, Terrazzo, granite, marble and other surfaces. Regular preventive maintenance is essential to the life of your floor. In addition to making a floor appear dingy, dirt can cause deep scratches in its surface, which will then become filled with more dirt that can create an unclean environment.

We use thorough cleaning procedures to collect loose dirt brought in by foot traffic, remove embedded dirt or stuck-in dirt that could have damaged the surface of your flooring and restore the shine of your floors to make them look like new. By cleaning your floors with microfiber equipment, our technicians will improve the indoor air quality of your location by removing dust and other contaminants. By using non-iconic DfE cleaner, our specialists draw out dirt rather than pushing it deeper into the microscopic scratches that exist in your flooring.

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