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The air quality within any type of residential or commercial building has the possibility to become even worse than the quality of outside air when carpets are not properly maintained and cleaned.


Carpets can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, especially when having pets.


Carpets that are embedded with dirt and dust can become infested with allergens and other things that can be unhealthy and cause many health issues.



Weather home or business, first impressions are always important.


When guests or clients walk into your place, one of the first things they notice is your clean appearance and the condition of your flooring. Maintaining clean, shiny floors not only makes your place aesthetically pleasing, it ultimately extends the life of your floors, reducing your overall replacement and maintenance costs.

Cleaning the Office
Building Cleaning Service



Mr. Cleaning takes pride in the ability to communicate, schedule, and coordinate the necessary aspects of the construction cleanup and floor finishing.


We are fully trained and experienced in the specific layouts of the client’s prototype stores. We understand the challenges and specific requirements of the client.


This could only be accomplished by delivering year after year superior services in the construction clean-up field.



When performing commercial Power & Pressure Washing we use special mechanical sprayers that are designed to produce high-pressure water to clean and remove thoroughly any and all Spider Webs, Mold, Grime, Dust and Dirt, Mud and any other surface debris that needs to be removed.

Pressure Washer on Stairs
Man Cleaning Windows


Window cleaning is performed by our well trained and skilled team to keep your windows sharp clean.


Commercial and residential cleaning jobs.


One time, monthly or seasonal plans available.

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